About Rokkakuren

Machiko Mishima

From Kyoto 

Calligrapher and Ink wash painter

Started calligraphy at the age of four.

After working as a macrobiotic chef, entered the world of calligraphy, which she had continued since childhood.

Started to create calligraphic works and paintings at Rokkakuren in 2006.

"Ink and Brush Classes" were held in the same year.

"not only food should be organic, but art should be also"

The artwork makes use of traditional Japanese materials that are envoronmentally and socially sustainable.

​She is a passionate unconformist,utilising used material to substantiating new artwork.

She is currently studying about traditional Japanese art material at the Kyoto University of Art and Design.

Graduated in 2018 studing Ink wash painting at Kyoto University of Art and Design

2006 held Rokkakuren The Ink and Brush class

2013 held Ichiroku Calligraphy and Japanese sweets craft class

2014 "First writing" on New Year's day at the Keibunsya publicity café

2015 Guratuity class at the Keibunsya publicity café

2017 Winner of the National Beauty Exhibition, Ink wash Division

2017 Mihanada exhibition at Sakaimachi Gallery

2018 Tokiha exhibition at Sakaimachi Gallery



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